Our aim is to create a positive impact on the lives of people across Africa

Financial empowerment

Leveraging Ecobank’s innovative digital services to help fundraise


Improving access to quality healthcare across the continent is at the core of our work


Offering innovative management training programmes for our partners

    Our work reaches thousands of people across the continent every day and our partnership helps to change the lives of those most in need in Africa.

    IFRC Africa Partnership

    The growing gap between funds needed by humanitarian groups and funds available is a major cause of communities’ vulnerability to disasters.

    The Ecobank Academy Partnership

    The Academy’s innovative development programmes are aimed at improving health and education systems across the African continent through rigorous financial management, effective leadership development and sound implementation capabilities.

    AfricaThriving International Partnership

    Ecobank Foundation partnered with AfricaThriving International (ATI), a voluntary-based international relief and development organisation to improve the lives of children, families and disadvantaged communities in Africa.