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The Ecobank Foundation aims to transform lives in Africa. We focus attention and resources on three key areas: health, education and financial inclusion. Every day, we bring real hope to people in the communities where Ecobank operates. Our programmes are in line with Ecobank Foundation’s pursuit of achieving the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals and the African Union’s Agenda 2063.

sustainabledevelopment.un.org | agenda2063.au.int


Millions of Africans lack access to basic healthcare. At Ecobank Foundation, we want to change this. We are committed to building resilient health systems across the continent. A healthy population translates into increased productivity.


We make a difference to the lives of young people across Africa by providing innovative learning solutions that are targeted to their needs. We partner with various organisations to create better access to quality education to develop the next generation of entrepreneurs and leaders in Africa.

Financial Inclusion

Ecobank Foundation is working to ensure that Africans have access to basic financial services to help them realise their dreams. When people have access to finance, they have a chance to save, invest and protect themselves against risks. This is crucial to the economic empowerment of individuals, families and communities across Africa.