The Global Fund Partnership

The Global Fund fights HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. It mobilises US$4 billion a year, 65% of which is dedicated to sub-Saharan Africa.

In December 2013, Ecobank entered into a partnership with the Global Fund, renewing its collaboration in 2016. Our contributions totalled US$3 million over three years, split between cash contributions and services in kind.

One of the main aims of the partnership was the strengthening of skills of the Global Fund’s grant recipients through financial training – as strong financial management is essential for non-governmental organisations and public organisations that receive Global Fund grants to support HIV, tuberculosis and malaria programmes.

As part of the collaboration, Ecobank also gave financial advice to the Global Fund Treasury about the banking context in Africa. We also advocated globally on behalf of the organisation and mobilised our employees in the fight against the three diseases.

Read more about the project here.