AfricaThriving International Partnership

The Ecobank Foundation partnered with AfricaThriving International (ATI), a voluntary-based international relief and development organization, to improve the lives of children, families and disadvantaged communities in Africa.

Programmes supported by the partnership included “The Model School Initiative”, which enhanced education by providing quality teaching and advanced learning materials in select schools in Ghana. The Agbogba Anglican Basic School was the first school to be adopted in the initiative.

The Foundation also worked with ATI to build Africa’s largest volunteering medical initiative, Doctors in the Gap. With support from Ecobank and other organisations, Doctors in the Gap provides quality healthcare programmes and services to people in the most disadvantaged communities.

2022 Ecobank Day: Leave No One Behind. Financial Inclusion for All!

Every year we celebrate Ecobank Day. A day we give back to our communities.

This year we are raising awareness of financial education and inclusion in Africa.

Learn how you can get involved and take action.

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