African Leadership University Partnership

The Ecobank Foundation partnered with the African Leadership University to educate the next generation of African leaders.

Students followed a rigorous and innovative university programme, which honed their leadership and entrepreneurial skills. From inception, the curriculum, in collaboration with industry partners, focused on the core skills required to excel in the workplace, and the technical knowledge that is relevant to industry.

The students spent eight months of each year in the classroom and four months in an internship. The Ecobank Foundation supported the programme offering internships to a selected number of students. In 2016, Ecobank Ghana, Kenya and Tanzania hosted students to solve real business problems.

2022 Ecobank Day: Leave No One Behind. Financial Inclusion for All!

Every year we celebrate Ecobank Day. A day we give back to our communities.

This year we are raising awareness of financial education and inclusion in Africa.

Learn how you can get involved and take action.

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