Discussing women’s leadership with female students

March 25, 2022

As part of the Ecobank sponsored ‘Programme of Excellence for Women in Africa’, our Group CEO joined female leaders and students to share experience and inspire.

As part of our activities supporting 2022 International Women’s Day, Ecobank and ShARE invited the 60 female students of the ‘Programme of Excellence for Women in Africa’ to a sharing-experience discussion. ShARE is Ecobank’s partner that rolls out the programme.

This group of future leaders shared their experiences and had the opportunity to meet with the CEO of the Ecobank Group, Ade Ayeyemi, who discussed his perspectives on female leadership and the continent’s growth.

“It was such a great opportunity to talk with Mr. Ayeyemi. I was very surprised by all the time he spent with us, answering every question. I was also really inspired by his vision. It motivates me a lot to go further and become a change-maker for my continent,” said Ami Mérédith Egah Koutsinou, a student in Mathematics.