Ecobank Foundation and UNITLIFE tackle chronic malnutrition

December 18, 2020

Healthy nutrition is vital during children’s early years. In the first 1,000 days the human brain makes the connections that it needs to grow and thrive, enable learning and develop emotions.

However, chronic malnutrition affects about one-third of African children aged under 5. Despite affecting 144 million children globally, the condition is little known and underfunded.

The Ecobank Foundation is proud to support UNITLIFE, the United Nation’s initiative dedicated to fighting chronic childhood malnutrition through innovation.

A campaign will be kicked off in February 2021 to raise awareness about chronic malnutrition, its consequences and also to raise funds to help fight it.

Investing in the prevention of chronic malnutrition creates a better future for all. It’s about ensuring a more prosperous and healthier future for the next generation of children and empowering women and mothers, so that they can lift their families out of poverty.

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Help us to eradicate chronic
malnutrition in our children

Ecobank Foundation is proud to support UNITLIFE, the only UN initiative dedicated to fighting chronic malnutrition in children.

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