Expanding our contribution to Liberia

August 29, 2018

In partnership with The Global Fund, Ecobank Liberia ran a workshop for Ministry of Health employees in Liberia.

Financial management skills are central to the transformation of the continent, and, in partnership with the Global Fund and Humentum, Ecobank is supporting an implementation programme in Liberia. We are working with civil society and government entities in a partnership to ensure that more people have access to quality healthcare and treatment.

Leveraging our skills, we are helping key health workers in Liberia contribute to achieving Sustainable Development Goal 3. “At Ecobank, we are convinced that health leaders need to be equipped with the right financial management skills” says George Mensah-Asante, Managing Director of Ecobank Liberia. “Our goal is to ensure that we invest in the skills and the resources of our employees and our organisation to support Africa’s transformation.”

Our partnership with the Global Fund, illustrates our common interest in ensuring that quality healthcare is an important element in economic transformation. Quality health delivery requires stronger systems. In Liberia and in other countries, we are contributing to national efforts towards eliminating diseases for good. We continue to collaborate with the Global Fund and other partners to ensure that we use our respective strengths to beneficially impact more lives. At Ecobank we strongly believe that technology has a vital social impact in Africa, and we have on-boarded more than 7 million customers on our digital financial services platform since October 2016. A stronger financial inclusion system provides economic opportunities to many individuals who previously had limited options to access formal financial services and had to rely on cash.

Since 2014, Ecobank and the Global Fund have collaborated to ensure that more lives are saved through better financial management systems. We have also ensured that many more people across our network in 33 countries have improved access to healthcare facilities. We have gone further by leveraging the power of our voice to support the Global Fund in its fight against AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. For example, we mobilise employees across the continent on World AIDS Day. This typically includes arranging and hosting health seminars for employees, providing free HIV testing in our offices, and in some countries, we have extended it to customers too.

Our partnership with the Global Fund allows us to contribute towards ending the scourge of AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria for good in Africa.