Improving financial management skills in Chad

Financial staff of NGOs and government organisations in Chad completed a three-day financial training to help increase healthcare access in local communities.

For NGOs and government organisations that receive Global Fund grants, strong financial management skills are essential to ensure their malaria, tuberculosis and HIV programmes reach all communities in need.

Following sessions in Nigeria and South Sudan, the Foundation and the Global Fund identified Chad as the next country to roll out a capacity building programme. At the end of September, 15 finance staff members attended a three-day training in Chad’s capital N’Djamena to help improve their financial skills.

Philippe Le Jalle works for Mango, an international NGO that strengthens financial management skills of organisations. He led the training in Chad: “We used games to stimulate knowledge transfer, which proved very effective. To give an example: participants had to re-order cards featuring the different steps of a purchase procedure and then compare with other groups. They enjoyed this approach as they gained knowledge almost without effort.”

Following the training, Philippe and his colleague Graham Throup visited the different grant recipients to discuss further specific requirements. They are now creating a plan and organising a follow-up trip to provide extra support.

“Each Global Fund recipient has different challenges but with the new templates and tools we provided them, they will be able to improve their work considerably,” he concludes.

The Ecobank Foundation’s renewed partnership with the Global Fund runs until 2019.