It’s time to talk about suicide and mental health disorders

September 10, 2021

Ecobank Group’s Head of Communications, Adenike Laoye, shares her views on the need to better understand mental health disorders.

“Africa has the highest rate of suicide globally. Raising awareness and helping to prevent mental disorders is a major step towards reducing these unacceptable levels.

Mental health disorders shouldn’t be a taboo or hidden away – they need to be better understood. During our 2021 Ecobank Day we’re determined to raise awareness and compassion for those with mental health issues, while getting the message across that literally anyone can suffer from it.”

Read the full opinion-editorial in New African magazine here.


2021 Ecobank Day: Mental Health – It’s Time to Talk and Act!

Every year we celebrate Ecobank Day. A day we give back to our communities.

This year we are raising awareness on mental health issues in Africa.

Learn how you can get involved and take action.

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