Let’s get more girls into ICT and STEM

April 28, 2022

Inspiring girls and young women to widen their career options by studying ICT, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

The second webinar in the ’Break the Bias’ series commemorated International Day of Girls in ICT (April 28th), which aims to empower young women to follow their education and careers in the fields of information and communications technology, science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

We partnered with the Global Partnership for Education (GPE), the largest global fund and multi-stakeholder partnership dedicated to education in lower-income countries.

The influential speakers included GPE youth advocates, and women closely involved in the ICT and STEM industries:

• Angel Mbuthia (Kenyan) is GPE youth advocate who is passionate about leadership and governance.
• Asimawu Tahiru (Ghanaian) is GPE youth advocate who studies Basic Education at the University for Development Studies.
• Esther Kangbiete (Togolese) is a holder of a scientific baccalaureate and persued her graduate studies in computer science at IAI-TOGO (African Institute of Computer Science).
• Arielle Kitio (Cameroonian) is the founder & director of the Cameroon Youth School Tech Incubator (CAYSTI). She is the recipient of the Margaret Prize 2019 by the African Digital Woman.

In addition, Ecobank Kenya live screened the webinar at its head office to bring together girls and their parents, encouraging conversations about their careers. Bratipah Kioko, a software developer, who attended the live screening, commented: “I learnt that, as a woman, it is possible to become an expert in ICT and STEM. Thanks to initiatives like this we will definitely see the narrative of underrepresented women in the ICT and STEM gain momentum.”

To view the webinar, click here.