Meet Euphrasie, a nurse who is her own boss

Ecobank Foundation CEO Julie Essiam meets OneFamilyHealth nurse Euphrasie.

Julie Essiam meets with nurse Euphrasie who takes part in the OneFamilyHealth programme

During her visit to Rwanda in April, Ecobank Foundation CEO Julie Essiam met with Euphrasie Mukanturo, one of the first nurses to enter the OneFamilyHealth programme.


OneFamilyHealth supports 110 nurses in 14 districts in Rwanda. Currently, more than 1.3 million patients have been registered. The model allows nurses to own and operate their own businesses to provide access to healthcare in communities.


Euphrasie has been operating her clinic since October 2011. She benefits from a loan subsidy from Ecobank. With only four months to go until she completes the full payment, she is on the brink of owning her business.


OneFamilyHealth works in collaboration with the Government of Rwanda to establish 500 health posts over the next 5 years. With about 60% run by women, the programme has allowed women and men to transform their own lives while saving lives of others.


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