Our COO was a judge of a hackathon to fight malnutrition

September 20, 2022

Our COO, Elisa Desbordes-Cisse, was invited on the judging panel of a hackathon organised by the UNICEF West and Central Africa regional office, in partnership with ECOWAS and the Muskoka Fund.

The event had two aims:

  1. To encourage the fight against food waste by developing nutritious foods for children aged 6 to 24 months through simple processing methods using local products
  2. To increase the information shared to the target populations on good food practices and the use of local products rich in micronutrients

Our COO had the difficult task of selecting the five winners out of the 300+ entries received.

The winners were Audrey Marie Louise Touré (Benin); Chabel Didavi (Benin); Abazidi Mamat (Cameroun); Fatoumata Sonko (Senegal); and Ozias Eleke Roupann (Chad).

Congratulations to the winners, and everyone who entered!