Africa’s private sector must help fund the fight against malaria

December 15, 2022

Paul-Harry Aithnard, Ecobank’s Regional Executive, Francophone West Africa, and Managing Director of Ecobank Côte d’Ivoire, shares his insight with Ventures Africa – explaining that Africa’s businesses must contribute to eliminating malaria.

A World Health Organization report stated that 627,000 people globally died from malaria in 2020 and that 241 million people were affected by the disease. Most deaths were in sub-Saharan Africa.

Malaria also adversely affects businesses through absenteeism, lower productivity, and health care costs. In fact, the estimated direct economic loss due to malaria each year in Africa is US$12 billion. African households are also estimated to lose up to 25% of their income due to malaria.

The WHO says US$10.3 billion is required each year to eliminate malaria by 2030, but in 2020, only 30% of this amount was invested globally.

In his article, Paul-Harry Aithnard, explains that unless there is strong mobilisation of businesses, the impact of malaria is likely to worsen in the years to come, both for people and the economy.

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