Empowering people to make smart financial decisions

December 5, 2022

Ecobank Day 2022 focused on driving financial literacy and financial inclusion, particularly among women and youth in marginalised communities.

Ecobank Day is an annual day on which Ecobankers donate their free time to give back to their communities and contribute to improving their lives.

This year our Ecobank Day activities were aimed at giving people – women and youth in particular – the right skill set to better manage their resources, as financial literacy unlocks the door to autonomy and a safer future.

Ecobankers from across the Group visited local communities where they shared their knowledge on how to improve financial literacy through budgeting, saving, and much more.

There were multiple initiatives and activities undertaken across the 33 sub-Saharan African countries in which Ecobank operates. Examples of affiliate activities included Ecobank Benin’s donation of 5 million FCFA to SOS Children’s Village, while our Burundi, DR Congo, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Togo and Tanzania affiliates all provided financial literacy training to women in their communities.

Watch this video to see how some of our Ecobankers made a difference. Click here.

In addition, we held a Group-wide pan-African webinar on ‘Financial Inclusion for All’ in partnership with UN Women. You can still watch the Ecobank Day webinar here.

Together, we made a real difference!